Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kena Tag

I'm tagged by Joanna, to say the 5 thingy about me as follows:
(I'm not really a tag person, and htis is my first one)

5 Things is my bag:
(how should i write ?i dont bring my bag out)

1. camera
2. lenses
3. notebook
4. pen
5. bible

5 Things in my head:

1. my brain (i think i really answered this correctly)
2. who is/will/can be my girlfriend
3. taking my protein and creatine supplement on time
4. work
5. sleep

5 words I frequently use:
(i really dont know what i always use,u all ell me.i pass)

1. ...

5 Recent smses received:
(the last sms i sent is two months ago,i dont have a cell phone here in US,i pass this too)


5 recent things I just did:

1. doing workout
2. take my protein and my creatine supplement
3. online
4. sleep
5. watched college football

5 things in my wardrobe:

1. jeans
2. T-shirt
3. short pants
4. warmer pants
5. socks

5 things I just ate:

1. whey protein
2. creatine
3. mashed potato
4. chicken meat
5. salad

5 people I'm tagging:
(like i said im not into tagging, i'll just simply put a name and its up to you to continue)

1. Pam aka Tinki
2. Cherlyn
3. Vincent aka spoon boi
4. Kricia Bong
5. Jin Choong

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fit Body

Recently i im nterested in another thing,its getting a fit body. Many people telling me that i look fat or going to get fat staying in US. So to make sure that i maaintain the right size, i decided to start toning up my body. I bought few dumbells, and other equipment. And today i also bought whey protein and two other bottle of creatine supplement to help my workout.

Many people complaint that they always do exercise but never show any result. If show also not satisfy and wont last for long. Well actually there's a secret behind all this. The secret is not on the supplement, supplement is just to help out the body to build muscle and losing unwanted fat faster. The secret is 'DISCIPLINE'. Must do at least 3 to 4 times a week. For me i do 5 days a week, and 2 day rest.

Usually people stop exercise when they saw the result, and thats the time the body goes back to the original size. HAHAHA!! So after 1 month, i will post about the result. One way to keep me motivated is find a guy pic from internet, make sure can see the whole body and the body that i am aiming for. (I'm not gay, the pic is just for reference and to compare!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ohio State Buckeye

Ohio State University football team, one of the best team in Big Ten Conference. And best thing is that their jersey is also red, just like Manchester United! Although i dont really understand the game and how they count the point but now im quite interested in this game too. And their marching band is really awesome ! Especially when the tuba guy dot the i !

Saturday, September 8, 2007

My New Watch

Today i went shopping with my mom at Polaris Mall looking for a birthday present for my dad. My mom bought a wallet for him,Perry Ellis wallet. The price quite chea because hey have offer today. And while we're walking around at Macy's, I spotted this watch. So NICE! And i told my mom that i want to buy it. For your info,i used to wear watches until few years ago, someone stole my favourite Fossil watch. From that day onward i only depend on my handphone to tell time. Today i finnally found another watch! Fossil too and this time with real diamond !! Now i can proudly wear my watch and check out the time and date !! Although the diamond is not so big and like those bling bling watch, but at least i got Lil' Bling!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Krispy Kreme

One of my favourite snack that keeps adding cms and inches around my waste and my face is Krispy Kreme. Im so addicted to Krispy Kreme doughnuts! To me Krispy Kreme is better than Dunkin Donuts. Now i know why people kept telling me that i look fat now. Haha!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not Feeling Well

The weather is really making me sick. Morning like genting but afternoon like sahara. And now im now feeling well. I can feel that im going to get fever soon....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Favourite Snack

Now Subway Double Stacked Up 1 footlong cant satisfy my stomach. I think my tummy can fit 2 footlong. The only fast food in US that i like now is Subway. Mcdonald in US really dissapoint me. KFC not bad,only things is they dont have Hot & Spicy. But KFC's chili sauce very nice, hot and sour!!

Subway double stacked up

100 calories pack M&M's

my favourite M&M's peanut butter

check out the size between normal and shrek size M&M's peanut butter

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ohio State Fair 2007

Last few weeks i went to Ohio State Fair.This fair is one of the biggest fair and held annually. So many people, sweat here and there, food everywhere, and went back home super tired.

me and corndog

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ordinary With Amazing Gift

Paul Potts, winner of "Britain's Got Talent".He had been working in The Carphone Warehouse as a salesman. An ordinary humble guy living an ordinary life trying out his luck on the first britain "Britain's Got Talent" with his infamous £35 Tesco suit. When asked by Amanda Holden " what are you here for today? " and he answered " to sing opera".

When he start singing, Simon's face changed. They never thought for one minute they were looking at their winner. " In my life i felt insignificant, but after the 1st audition, i realise that I am somebody, I am Paul Potts". For Simon Cowell to say "fantastic" is rare.

Talent can be learn, produce, practice and etc but gifted is from God. Every person has their own gift inside them. We have to discover it and use it. Paul Potts shows us that we must never give up and always pursue and achieve our dream.

Never judge a book by its cover.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vertical Horizon - Best I ever Had (grey sky morning)

Best i ever had(grey sky morning) by Vertical Horizon. This song is one of my all time favourite song.This song is one of the song that can make me cry. I usually get very emotional and start dreaming in a fantasy land when i heard this song.

(you can ignore the video,just listen to the song)

This piano versio also not bad. Sounds nice too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sbarro Pizza

Sbarro pizza for breakfast.Pizza here is really big,even one slice is almost equal to two piece of large pizza hut's pizza. Pizza is like one of the american's favourite food and its like part of their life and culture.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Real Kids Real Talent

Check out this clip. I dont know what you all think, but to me ..they are all international level. they are you ng and talented kids from Japan. My favourite group is the first group and the third group. First group is the best group. AMAZING !!

Gwen Stefani - 4 in the morning

Song of the week, Gwen Stefani - 4 in the morning. Honestly i dont really like Gwen Stefani, but im into any song, as long as the song is nice and very catchy then i listen.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Looking For Love

Feel so lonely lately..........

Monday, July 23, 2007

My New ' Teman '

Yeah ..!!At last !! I got a new laptop!! Toshiba Satellite !! 'She' got speed, awesome graphics, nice sounds, cool and trendy design !! But 'she' get tired easily (Battery life), no stamina. Luckily i bought 2 years insurrance for 'her'. If anything happen to 'her stamina' (battery) i can just bring 'her' stamina back (change battery for free for 2 years).

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Transformers - Megan Fox

First want to thanks Michael Bay for directing this movie and bringing back the boys ...and girls (im sure some girls like Transformers) all time favourite cartoon to life!! This movie is so good and the animation is awesome!! So detail, so neat, and so real ! My favourite Autobots is BumbleBee !!

Bumble Bee

Beside the robots, another thing attracts me Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox). She is so PRETTY and Hot !! The first thing that attract me is her eye and eyebrow. Look a lil bit like asian eye, but she's doesnt have asian blood i think. And her accent is slightly diff. But overall, she's GOOD!!

her attractive eyes and eyebrow !!

Sushi and Cinema

This wednesday i went out with my sisters and two more other friend. We went to Easton and ate sushi. If im not wrong the sushi restaurant called Hama Japanese Restaurant. Well, the food ok ok lah, i didnt eat much because i had my meal at home before going out with them. We so paiseh because we make the waitress to wait so long for our order. But the waitress is nice lah,and pretty too (English speaking chinese girl).

me eating salad

my sushi set (very fresh)

After our late lunch, we went to watched Transformer. The cinema not bad lah, around USD6 per person, free seating. The cinema quite nice,got few arcade games outside the hall to play while waiting for the show to start. Altogether 30 screen,very big. My sis told me that this AMC cinema is the best cinema.Well,im not sure. But if compare with Malaysia,same same lah. But all their hall with super good surround system.

first time watching movie in US

Friday, July 13, 2007

Rihanna - Umbrella

Lately im so addicted to this song. Every morning i can hear this song on the radio. I dont know who is Rihanna but what i know is this song have catchy music and unique-addictive-sing-along type of chorus. She look quite tall in this MV, and all the while i thought people here are tall even girls. Not very tall actually when i saw them now, so so only. Some short, some tall. and some guys here also not so tall,some even around my height.(i know im short,trying to comfort myself lah)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Junk Food

Today i went shopping with my mom. We bought a lot of stuff, most of them are food and grocery. What i bought was this....

Lays !! Ok, u may say that it looks the same with what we saw in Malaysia. Actually Lays in US is bigger, contain more potato chips!! Well i bet u can judge with the size,look at my hand i think i cant finish it my own at a time.

And I saw this Kopiko sweet !! Haha!! Cant believe that i can find this here in US. Bought this at Asian supermarket.

And the next one is the best and my favourite. M&M's PEANUT BUTTER !!! And it's not the small packet. This one is the big one !! To me is big packet but there written medium big. Imagine the real big BIG !!

Some of you been asking "Aih,u only show u living room and never show outside the house". So this time i took a picture of the exterior of my house. The basement is my room and family room where i play playstation.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My House in Ohio

Yep, I know some of you kept asking me to show my house in Ohio. so i just upload one so that u all wont ask anymore.Hahaha!!

the living room

The blanket on the sofa is mine,even in the house i still feel cold !!

Journey to Ohio (partII - New York & Ohio)

Continueing from the previous post. This time is the journey from Taipei to New York. Sorry because I only got two pic on this post. By the time i reach Taipei airport I'm already halfdead. Taipei terminal 2 airpost is very nice, can compete with KLIA. waited for an hour before boarding, and this is my first time taking Boeing 747. At first im very excited because the flight from KL to Taipei is very nice, so i thought this one will be better. I was wrong. This time I'm very dissapointed. This is an old 747 and the in-flight entertainment is really lousy. Although the plane is big but its totally boring inside, now luckily i got my PSP with me. If not i think i will bored till die inside this plane.

the Boring 747

Reach Anchorage Alaska for refueling, and i can tell its very cold coz the water freeze and become snowflake outside my window. I looked out and i saw the whole place covered with ice and i thought "man, its freezing outside and im gonna die if i step out with what im wearing". but Anchorage is warmer, with no ice (thank God !). So after refueling, the journey continue. And reach JFK New York around 10pm. And i met this vietnamese girl, her name is Van. Her look captured my attention, i eas like "Hm, she looks very familiar." Yep, she look like one of my church member (not gonna tell who here). then i just tol her that she look like one of my friend and she smile and we continueing chatting while waiting for our bag (we waited for at least half an hour for our bag, VERY SLOW!!

After i got my baggage, I went to another terminal to wait for my next flight. My next flight is 9am next day. Sleep where ? Sleep at the airport !! Well, thank God i didnt sleep alone there, there's another 100 over people sleeping there too. Next day, board my flight to Ohio, I took Delta Air. I didnt know the plane is this small. And inside the plane is so cold. New York that day itself already very cold, and imagine the plane inside is colder than outside !! Summer but freaking cold !!

Delta Air

I reach Ohio around 11plus and guess what, The airport is even worst !! Really freezing !! Dad and Mom were there to pick me up. The first thing my mom said to me is "Oh my, how come u're fat ?". Funny !!

So thats the end of my story bout the journey to Ohio. Maybe next few post i will talk bout journey to New York or trip to DISNEY WORLD !! (Maybe only, Maybe) .

The End

Monday, July 2, 2007

Journey to Ohio (PartI - Taipei)

Yes!Im in Ohio now. The journey to Ohio is really tiring,but very exciting (doesn't mean that i like US, I still love ASIA). wanted to share what happen during this journey,but i will keep it short 'lah'.
First, China Airline. Everyone thought and most of us will think that its not safe and one of the 'not so famous' airline in the world, right? WRONG, I was wrong. China Airline is not what I originally expected. when i first step in the plane,im so impressed !! I mean,i thought they are going to use boeing-737 to fly to taipei. But actually they used Airbus330, a new plane (not the big A380 lah). the interior is very nice.i like it, better than MAS. Food is fine, and they serve a lot of diff variety of drinks. Even red and white wine. Well,those people keep drinking lah.

Airbus A330
The In-Flight entertainment is awesome. so many new movies and nice stuff to watch. From latest box office movie to international show and movie.Overall the trip to taiwan is very very nice, 4star.Over my expectation and i recommend China airline if u want to fly to taiwan. Guess what, I didnt touch my PSP during the journey to taiwan.too busy with the movie!!!

My companion 'PSP'

My Personal Screen

Taipei Night

Reach Taiwan around 7pm. Met a guy, his name is Russ.He's a Taiwanese but grew up in Hawaii (speak fluent english) .And stayed at subang Malaysia for 3 years with family. We stay at the same transit hotel. On the way to hotel, we talk have a chat and then something caught my attention, Glass window with decorative neon light.and a girl sitting inside with sexy dressing. Then he told me those are the "bin lang" girl. (if you dont know what is that, ask ur friend or send me a msg then i will explain to you.)

'Bin Lang' girl
Reached hotel and hour later. We stayed at Taoyuan Holiday Hotel. An old 4 star hotel. looks so old but the room actually still very nice.can say better than some 4 star hotel in Malaysia. Then one of my Taipei friend, Fred, (met his during this year Singapore Emerge, from New Life Church) came to pick me up to show me around taipei. We invited Russ to come with us. We went to the night market but to bad not shilin, coz its too late, and we went to the nearest one. and most of the stall is closed or didnt open because that day rained. so we just walk around and i snapped a few pic. The fred bought me this Oyster cake and pearl milk tea. Taiwan pearl milk tea is so nice !!they have the mini pearl !!

my room

Night Market at Taoyuan

6 mouth watering dishes

the fried lala (best dish)
After that Fred brought us to this chinese restaurant and he ordered 6 dishes !! He said the restaurant is just 'ok ok', but to me all the food taste so so so nice!! I'm honest, no kidding. really really nice !! And we talk and eat and talk and went back with big tummy full !!

The next day, Fred didnt manage to come and pick me up in the morning so he asked his friend to come and pick me up. so i went to snap few pic nearby the hotel while waiting for his friend. I'm surprised to see that actually his friend took cab to pick me up. By the way, his friend's name is Mariah.

morning view from my room
took this near my hotel

self-portrait outside the hotel while waiting for Mariah
She's a stewardress working with Eva Air. She's my taipei tour guide. (she's so cool and a nice person). She brought me to New Life Church Taipei. Fred cannot make it is because he is attenting SOT (school of thoelogy). So she showed me around and the interior is really nice. I bump into Anabel, Worship leader from City Harvest church Singapore. I'm so surprised to see her there. Actually she was there because is to help and set up the bible school in taiwan. and we chat for lil while then continue our lil tour in the church.

New Life Church Taipei

After the tour, Mariah brought me a lot of places and showed me cool stuff bout taipei although i only got 3 hours to tour. She bring me to the city, went to the tallest building in the world ,Taipei 101 and took MRT in taipei. One more thing that caught my attention is convinient store. there's so many 7Eleven and Hi-Life store. And there's also another problem that keep me busy looking around is the road and driver seat.its all diff from malaysia, the opposite way. If we're on the left,they are on the right.if we right they left.(you will get what i mean).

motorbike is everywhere in taipei

shorty (me) and the tallest building in the world

Taipei 101 (world tallest building)

the curry dish

Before i went back to the hotel to catch my transit bus, Mariah brough me to this restaurant to eat thise curry thing. Some japanese curry dish. When i looked at the menu i was like "wow,so expensive ". Then she just asked me to order and dont worry bout the price (she paid). After eating she called a cab for me to fetch me back to hotel coz she need to go back to church. Again, she paid for it, she asked me to collect the change from the cab driver. Well of course the whole trip was fun but a bit paiseh and uneasy coz Fred and Mariah paid everything. (Fred and Mariah, If next time u come to Malaysia or singapore, I pay) .

End of PartI