Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Turning Point

Its been while since i posted something on my blog. Many things happen recently, bad and good stuff. But now, after i moved to a new house, a new place to stay, i decided i want to change. A new start again, to get back all the stuff in line. Changing my lifestyle, changing my mindset, changing my fashion style and to be able to achieve my 2009 goal!

Bet i didnt mention about one of my 2009 resolution that i want to overcome. It is to sing KARAOKE ! My nightmare ! I can sing in my car, sing during shower, sing in my room or sing in my office, but i just dont dare to hold a mic and sing in karaoke room! Another thing that im already succeed this year is to own a pair of TIGHT pants. Yeah, a tight skinny one! i never wear one before till last week church Gala Night Dinner, i was encouraged and motivate and convinced to buy 'A' pair. ( check out my facebook for pic, but i dont think u can see, most of the pic is focus on my upper part body)

Hope the next half of 2009 will be better, because July really sucks ! Hope i dont end up single again this year.