Friday, March 30, 2007

My Top Ten Cars

Yeah this idea from vincent about cars.For your information,im a guy who dont drive and dont like to drive,but i like cool cars.Now check out my top ten cars ...

10. Perodua Kelisa (Yes, perodua kelisa,no kidding)
Good things come in small package too!

9.Smart ev two seats,on valenties day,YEAH!

8.Nissan Fairlady Z Looks nicer than Skyline

7.Audi Q7

6.Audi R8

5.Bugatti Veyron
One of the fastest car in the world

4.Pagani Zonda

3.BMW 3 series E90

One of my favourite car

2.Hummer H2 Hummer the SUV Hulk

1.Toyota Estima This is MY dream car!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Me and Blogspot

Yep,you saw the title ..

will update soon ...