Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SNSD - Sorry Sorry (Cover)

Here's a very nice cover Sorry Sorry by Girl Generation. Very nice and different from the original song.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Love Like This - SS501

Ok, before i start, just want to let you all know, i don't really like them.But this song is really nice so i will blog about it. See, i'm a fair person. hahaha !! Ok, they are SS501, one of the boy group in Korea that stole many of the young teen girls heart. Jasmine introduced this song to me. At first i really don't like them, i mean ..look at their dance and fashion, a bit gay. Their hairstyle and look also gay and sissy. But i got to admit, this song is nice. This MV is so so only. Lighting is not that interesting.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BoA - Eat You Up !

BoA! Young and Talented Korean! She's is very famous in her dancing. Check out this video, the dance move is so so so good ! Glad that she made it to US market now! She can really dance. And this MV is amazing!(ignore the video quality, u can check out her other version MV in better quality on youtube)
To me she look very very cute. Haha!

Monday, December 21, 2009

U - Go Girl - Lee Hyori

Yes!! Its Lee Hyori !! This MV is so cute and colourful. The MV is good, the wardrobe is nice, and of course, HOT Lee Hyori dancing too !!i guess this is so far my favourite Lee Hyori's song. She look absolutely beautiful and sexy in this MV. Even with the nerdy style, she still look pretty and cute. She got the best body figure for her age. She's 31 next year !! Haha !! And a MAY girl !

Some pictuer of her ! Nice !! Like it when she wear green !!See !! She's wearing green !!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kevin Figueiredo

Here is another two song by Kevin Figueiredo. Very nice song cover. the guitar sounds nice too. Talented guy !

Lady Gaga - Just Dance

Britney Spears - Kill The Lights

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hard (Rock Remix)

This song is by Rihanna, but the video and music is played and covered by Kevin Figueiredo from The 401 Band. If im not mistaken,The 401 Band is actually a christian rock band. And Kevin is the drummer for the band. At first i saw this video,before he start i thought he is just a normal drummer or some wannabe judge from the drumset. But i was wrong, when he start playing, he is totally blew me away ! The rock version's music is all played by him if im nto wrong, he play the guitar and bass too. So basically he just take a pop or dance song and do a rocker cover.
This is one of the song that he cover, and there is few other more. Not bad.

Here is the band pic. He is the one on the left.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ke$ha - Tik Tok

Here's the song i have been searching for the past two month. Was searching for this song like mad because i dont know who is the singer and the song title. And now i found it !! Very catchy lyrics and music. It just makes you want to dance and groove with the beat. Its like a party starter song !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SuperJunior - Sorry Sorry

Another one of my favourite SuperJunior song, Sorry Sorry. Very nice MV and dance. Guess korean artist are really more talented than the hongkong and taiwan artist.

Here is the dance version of the same song.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SuperJunior - It's You (Neorago)

Here is the dance version MV by SuperJunior. For your information, this is the song and MV that cause me start listening to korean songs and all the stuff about korea. I know its kinda crazy but it happened ! Haha! I like their dance move. Hope you all like it !

Monday, November 30, 2009


Why my blog so quiet ? Even if i posted something new or i dont, i still find my blog kinda dead. No response at all. Just curious, wondering is there really people reading my blog.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Britney Spears - 3

Emerge is over and i still have a lot of things to do. 50G of pic to go through!But anyway, here is Britney Spears - Three. Sounds very catchy to me. i liek the pre-chorus part. I give this song 8/10. This song just make you want to dance. Although im not feeling well right now, but somehow my my body and feet is catching up with the beat.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fact - Fact of Life

Fact is one of the Japan rock group. Very interesting band, that sing english songs. I like this song because at first i thought this band is an american band. Its because of the rythm, the style, the music and the way they play it.

This song is very catchy and the drummer really murdered the kick drum. I got to knw this song from my iPod game , Tap Tap Revenge. Actually theres a lot of nice song in that game. So enjoy this song for the moment till next one.

Emerge Rising

Emerge is here! I want to take this opportunity to invite you all to come and join the huge event!! This coming friday 8pm, 10am & 6pm on saturday and 10am & 6pm on sunday at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

It will be a life changing, mind blasting, eye & mouth open wide WOW'ing, and history making event! Come Come Come, its free! dont worry about registration or stuff ..just come and bring you friend along.

If you ask me what is this conference about, i really dont know how to answer that because its a long list to explain. So th best is that you come and experience and see for yourself !! And I'm very sure you will have no regret coming to this conference.

For more info, you can drop by to EmergeKL

See you all there!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, sorry there's no new post lately because im still addicted to the song i posted previously. Been repeating the song again and again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tae Yang - Wedding Dress

This song is by Tae Yang from the korean group Big Bang. Very nice MTV and nice song. The MTV is very sad and heart breaking. I like the song because its quite emo to me. It makes me think that if im the guy in that video. Many times there are things happen to us that are similar to this song. A real sad and jealousy song. The dance is good too.

So enjoy the song and let me know what you think about this song. Personally, i love this song, and makes me emo too. If you understand the song (english translation), you will know this is a very sad and jealous song.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Bang!

Now this is one of my fav song by Big Bang.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lollipop !!

2NE1 with Big Bang, Lollipop. A quite addictive song. I like the song and MTV, ncie colourful colour. And for your information, i like 2NE1 !! hahaa!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Cover

For today, its a cover song. By this talented drummer. I like his way of playing drum and the beat. Very nice. personally im not really into kelly clarkson but this cover is different. He make the song sounds nicer and just make you want to listen more.
so check it out !

Monday, November 9, 2009

Haru Haru

This song is by Big Bang. One of my fav korean song. Big Bang is a very talented group from Korea, they can dance, they can sing, and they look good. Some of my friend (GIRLS) dont like them because Big Bang look prettier than them. hahaha !!The MTV is really touching.Hope you all like this song.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random *Updated*

Some random thoughts came into my mind while i was driving from work just now. Was thinking about why girls always complain about how they look like. Does look really that important ?Fat thin ? What define ugly ?

To me,of course too thin is not nice. But being fat doesnt mean its good too.
Girls always say they are fat, or this and that. To me, if you can see ur body shape (sand clock shape or pear shape) you are considered ok..not fat. If ur body is totally a round shape then MAYBE ..i said maybe lah ..you are fat. But fat doesnt mean ugly. Because some people look good fleshy, and some girl look better if they are thin.

Then whats ugly to me ? well, to me ..there's no ugly. Its just not my type. Just like ice cream, i like vanilla and maybe other like chocolate or strawberry. So girls, dont complain lah. Beauty is from the character and confident of a person.

I always tell my friend about this,about my opinion on how not to look fat. Its simple, if you dont want to be fat, then dont be thin. Think about it, girl always want to be thin, if you are thin, then once u get a bit fatter, it will be very very obvious that you put on weight. But if you are slightly fleshy, u gain a lil weight people also wont notice that. RIGHT ?

And if you girls out there still want to know whether you are fat, ask yourself one question. If you are fatter than one perodua kancil, then you are fat!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Blog

Well, since im very busy with work and no time for blogging, so now i will start dedicating songs and posting songs that i like and songs that i recommend to you all on my blog. Hopefully i have time to keep posting songs here so u can check daily/weekly featured songs !

And for today, lets start with a beautiful song by Ryuchi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Look

Yeah, that's right !! New look! Hopefully now i really got time to keep my blog alive 'again'.
muahaha !!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Turning Point

Its been while since i posted something on my blog. Many things happen recently, bad and good stuff. But now, after i moved to a new house, a new place to stay, i decided i want to change. A new start again, to get back all the stuff in line. Changing my lifestyle, changing my mindset, changing my fashion style and to be able to achieve my 2009 goal!

Bet i didnt mention about one of my 2009 resolution that i want to overcome. It is to sing KARAOKE ! My nightmare ! I can sing in my car, sing during shower, sing in my room or sing in my office, but i just dont dare to hold a mic and sing in karaoke room! Another thing that im already succeed this year is to own a pair of TIGHT pants. Yeah, a tight skinny one! i never wear one before till last week church Gala Night Dinner, i was encouraged and motivate and convinced to buy 'A' pair. ( check out my facebook for pic, but i dont think u can see, most of the pic is focus on my upper part body)

Hope the next half of 2009 will be better, because July really sucks ! Hope i dont end up single again this year.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sucks !

It sucks to be single !


I feels like my life is getting more boring. Its just the same routine. lifeless ?
Hate it !!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hey everyone, been really really busy lately.no time to blog, dont even have time for myself. Many jobs coming all at a time, and learning new stuff in work. Now currently preparig for Samsung TV Commercial, getting all the talents and contacts. And last night, i got my first SAMAN! haha!!
Saman for speeding. Pay lah, no rasuah or duit kopi for you police out there!!!!

Well hope people still read my blog, its been so quiet lately since i start working.

will update when i got the chance and time!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paramore - Emergency

Love this song recently. Lyrics is nice, simple message. For You!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost Prophets - Can't Catch Tomorrow

I use to like this band. And not they have change their style. And i like their style in this clip. I like te vocalist and the synth/turntablist guy (the guy who play the piano). I like his hairstyle. Maybe gonna try getting that hairstyles, what do you think ? Hahaha !!

Valentines Day to you, Valonelytime Day to me

Alright, Valentines Day is just few days more! Hae you all got your gift for your dates ? plan sorted out ? what to wear and what perfume to use ? which shoes, which heels ? For those who have dates and plan on Valentines Day, good for you. And for me, i might just celebrate it with my laptop and my iPod. Happy Valonelytime Day to me !

It seems like lately i have been blogging about songs, sounds like im turning my blog into a a song review and stuff. Those who like catchy music, from Jazz to Hardcore, Ochestra to Techno, powerful lyrics that cant melt your heart, I will try to upload and blog about the songs that ME like to hear. My type of songs ! But im sure you will like it.

So for Valentines Day, check out this few songs. Not bad.

Of course this song is my all time favourite song. Secret Valentine! This time gonna post the acoustic version.

Sempurna by Andrea and The Backbone. One of the most beautiful and heart melting indonesian song. (Karaoke version clip, got lyrics. So guys, go take your guitar and learn how to sing this song)

Love Bug by Jonas Brothers. Title says it all !! Get hit by the love bug !

I Will Come To You by Hanson. All time classic song.

Song by Liu Geng Hong. I dont know whats the title of the song (dont know how to read chinese) But this songs is very nice. Those who went to Emerge Singapore 2007, you know why this song lah.

She's The One by Robbie Williams. Another heart melting song.

And last but not least, Superman by Ronan Keating. The lyrics is so nice,meaningful and touching.

Well, here are the songs that i like. Hope you all enjoy it and have a bless Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sien2Dead CNY

Been staying at home for 3 whole day. Doing nothing,just online and watched dvd, listen to music,play guitar, facebooking and play msn. Laptop has become my closest friend throughout the whole CNY. Everyone went back to their hometown for CNY except me. Yeah, I know you all will start asking me and wonder why I didnt go back. It's because I didn't book any ticket or buy early. By the time I wanted, the ticket price already shoot up to te moon !

(So to all the KK gang, next year lah)

The most 'potong' part is that friday 30th still have to go back office to work. Boss didn't aprove my leave. SIEN! For this few days, I have been listening to a few songs, I find it very nice, will blog about the songs i mention next time. The things that kep me repeat the song is their lyrics. Very nice!

Oh yeah, for my reunion dinner, it's not too bad. I thought i will be eating alone somewhere in pyramid. The Su Min called me up. Su Min and his family invited me and Robin to his parent's house for reunion dinner. The food is nice, mostly meat !! Woo hoo! Shannon is so cute, she was sohyper active during the whole before,during and after dinner time. She kept mumbling and we all having tough time understanding what she said to us. It's like we are communicating in tongues. After the dinner, we sat down and watch TV. We watched Rush Hour. Then after the movie we went home. So that's all for my reunion dinner for 2009. Ok what.

29th Jan, Abel invited me to his open house. Many people went there, few african brother and sis, David Oh, Kent, Richard, Andrea and her family, Leon, Tai Loong, Eng Kim, Syaz, Cheryl, Krystina, Regina, Eric Loo, Alfred, Sherene, Desmond, Adrian Joseph, and me. (dont who else, cant think. just woke up) Got a lot of food, 'Lou Yee Sang', movie while eating and Wii after that. And of course, my FIRST ANGPOW for 2009!! Not bad. Some play Wii, some play wolf. After the Abel's open house, i went Mid Valley, walk around, bought a notebook, a pen, then went to eat and start writing this post down.

Guess this year CNY really lonely for me. So that's all for my Sien2Dead CNY post. Boooooooooooooorriiinngg!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tiga Suku Gang

This is the Original Tiga Suku Gang! Dedicated to Joo Won who is in South Korea now. Make sure when u get famous that time, 'Hujan', must remember to do the Tiga Suku sign!

Come Back !!

Yes, fine ...i admit!! Yes, I miss both of them. I miss Joo Won and Na Young. I wish they will come back as soon as possible. Tiga Suku Gang is calling you back lah Joo Won!! You have another family here in KL.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gila Secret Valentine !!

Ok, lately im really really so into this song. Just cant get this song out of my head. I tried, but cant. It's so so so so nice and i just keep singing in my room, in shower, and even in my car. The first song that came into my mind is this song when i woke up. And the songs start playing in my head before i sleep.

And this song really makes me want to shout, sing out loud. Its like the song that can make me pour out whats inside my head and my heart! I end my year with this song, and also start my 2009 with this song. Let's see this song will stay in my head for how long lah.

Secret Valentine.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Secret Valentines by We The Kings

Soft kiss and wine what a pretty friend of mine
we're finally intertwined
nervous and shy for the moment we will come
alive tonight

secret valentine

We'll write a song
that turns out the lights
when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside
don't waste your time
speed up your breathing
just close your eyes
we'll hope it's not for nothing at all

lay down be still
don't worry talk they will
i'll be loving you until
morning's first light
breaks tomorrow
i'll take care of you tonight

secret valentine

We'll write a song
that turns out the lights
when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside
don't waste your time
speed up your breathing
just close your eyes
we'll hope it's not for nothing at all

when guilt fills your head
brush off rise up from the dead
this is the moment that we
will come alive
brace yourself for love
sweet love, secret love.

We'll write a song
that turns out the lights
when both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside
don't waste your time
speed up your breathing
just close your eyes
we'll hope it's not for nothing at all

Lately im so so addicted to this song. The lyrics and the music is so nice. Especially the chorus part, it is so catchy. This song makes me so alive. A good and nice love song !!