Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign

Before i blog about my 2010 CNY, i would like to share this song. By Brown Eyed Girls, very nice MV and in this MV ..all of the look very pretty and beautiful ! Cant believe they are already 29 this year and they still look young and beautiful. So enjoy till i upload my long Chinese New Year post !! haha!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Im currently blogging at Starbucks LCCT while waiting for boarding. I'm so excited right now and cant wait to see all my cousins! Woohoo ! not much to blog about right now. Maybe will blog something tonight. We will see. haha!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Before and After

I always tell other people how weird and ugly i look like last time! Now, TODAY !! i will blog about my BEFORE look. Haha !! The scariest pic of me revealed !

Jeng Jeng Jeng ...!!! *drum roll*

See, this pic is taken i think hm ..when im still 16 or 17. My passport pic. i look super blur and weird wey. Look like i just woke up from a long sleep. Seriously, i look very hm ..ugly. Even me, myself think that i dont look good when im young. Sigh, anyway to my look now's the latest pic of me.

Totally a different person! Well i know im not those super handsome type ..but im very sure to say that i look way better than last time. Hahaha !! Guess i should just keep this hairstyle till im old lah !! Haha !!

This year CNY im going back to my hometown. Let's see whether i can find some of my old picture at my aunt's place. HAHAHA !!

Beast (B2ST) - Bad Girl

Another song by Beast! I like this song too. the dance is nice, MV and the shole shoot is nice too. I got a feeling that this MV is shot using Redcam. Not bad lah this group, competiting with big bang and 2pm.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beast (B2ST) - Mystery

This is the song i have been listening lately. Quite addictive. Thanks to Wongwoei for recommending this song. Not bad. The beat is very nice. For the group, well ..they look very young lah. Not much comment on the group. Their dance not bad lah. At least better than SS501 and Ukiss.

This song is worth listening.Thumbs up !

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Chinese New Year is coming soon. And im already in holiday mood. This year i will be going back to my hometown, SABAH! Woo hoo ! First thing in my mind when i thought of when im back there is always FOOD! Nothing else but eat and eat and eat !

But then of course its time to go back there to visit my relatives and grandparents and all my cousins. Its good to be back honestly. You get to see all of them and spending with them. FOOD and hanging out with friends. This year i think it will be quite happening. I took a long leave for this chinese new year season. Now finally i got time to relax a lil bit. But dont worry, i will be bringing back my laptop and i can still update my blog. And of course, to watch the latest episode of We Got Married !!

Seriously, my mind is just full with what to eat now. I can't stop thinking about my hometown food !! So im expecting that i will put on at least 3KG weight maybe.

So i guess Sunday i will start packing my luggage! im just so excited !!

BB Curve 8900

Oh Yes !! This is whats in my mind today. Was so convinced and tempted to get this phone. It has what i want. Not bad right ? In order to get this, i guess this Chinese New Year i have to work hard on ang pau hunting ! haha !

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whats Next ?

I saw the new iPad last few days and im so tempted. Now im still wondering, what will be my new next gadget ? iPad? Wacom Intuos4 ? Nikon D300s ? If i can afford, i want to get all of them ! hahaha ! All 3 are very useful for me. Best is, they are all in BLACK !

Anyone out there is willing or good enough to buy me one of those 3 ? Please ? Hehehe!