Sunday, November 23, 2008


just a super quick update o wehre am i now. Im now at Expo and going to bugis to look for my cousin. Asia Conference is so so good and impactful ..for those who didnt make, or didnt plan to come all rugi ..shame on you.

looking foward for tonight session will be the last night,finale night.then will be back in kl and continue with my busy working life. Miss my Xiao Bai!

Alright, will update more when i come back to kl.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Chance

Give me a chance ...

Look At The Stars

Look at the stars ...look how they shine for you ..
will always shine for you ...


Shattered and scattered ..
Pieces are brought back together..
Journey ahead still far and long ..
many things seems to be undone,
wrong and mess ...
but it just our mind is playing tricks on us ..

God, I surreder all ..
If its not mine... take it away ..dont let it be a burden in my heart ..
but if its Your will ...bring it back to me when the time is right ...

Give me strength ..give me wisdom that im able to grow stronger and wiser in making decision ..

I know ..there's no other way ....and the only way is to surrender to You ..Thank You God..

I Just ..

I just want to love and to be love ..
I just want to be better ..
I just want to be myself ..
I just want you to know .....
Dont compare me with others..
Dont think of me as someone like others..
Coz i know im different...different than others..
Give me space,chance and time to change ..
To change to be a better person ..
Waiting for the time to come
Like the Frog waiting for his princess ..

Reaching out my hands , pull me up ..
Dont want to stay in this anymore ..

Only those who cares will hear me ...

And i know, God ..You heard me ..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


“even if we are not meant to be together, i will choose to love still because i don’t want regrets to take place”. Found this on someone's blog.

I wonder whether people can actually do that or have the courage and heart to be still in love eventhough they cant be together. Sound silly ? Might not ..

The only thing that really scary about relationship is that there's no more chemistry or betrayal or cheating towards the partner.

Regret ?


Tried so hard but failed. Attention is not on me but 'other'.
Dissapointed at myself. Maybe im just not good enough.

Where is the key ? Dont want to be alone.
Faith has gone, trust is lost, scar remained.

i want to know ...tell me ...

Burden is so heavy. God, take it away. it hurts.

Other may not give me a chance, but God ...i know You will.

Monday, November 17, 2008


no motivation. i want to see the future and finish line. i want to see what will happen next. i want to hear it. looking for sign,waiting for chance. my heart is shouting. can you hear ?

im just me. feels like lost but not giving up.


or maybe not mine ..

Green, Black and still Me


Was wondering whether i said the right things,did the right thing?
maybe its just me only, im tired ... feels like one sided.
feels like there's no chance anymore.
weak frog...

my imagination ?

nah,Love with Faith, Trust and Believe .....

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Was worrying the whole day saturday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm waiting. Many things if you ask. This and that.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Silly Me

Recently im feeling so happy and sometimes emo. Maybe i think too much. And all i can do is wait and be persistent.