Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost Prophets - Can't Catch Tomorrow

I use to like this band. And not they have change their style. And i like their style in this clip. I like te vocalist and the synth/turntablist guy (the guy who play the piano). I like his hairstyle. Maybe gonna try getting that hairstyles, what do you think ? Hahaha !!

Valentines Day to you, Valonelytime Day to me

Alright, Valentines Day is just few days more! Hae you all got your gift for your dates ? plan sorted out ? what to wear and what perfume to use ? which shoes, which heels ? For those who have dates and plan on Valentines Day, good for you. And for me, i might just celebrate it with my laptop and my iPod. Happy Valonelytime Day to me !

It seems like lately i have been blogging about songs, sounds like im turning my blog into a a song review and stuff. Those who like catchy music, from Jazz to Hardcore, Ochestra to Techno, powerful lyrics that cant melt your heart, I will try to upload and blog about the songs that ME like to hear. My type of songs ! But im sure you will like it.

So for Valentines Day, check out this few songs. Not bad.

Of course this song is my all time favourite song. Secret Valentine! This time gonna post the acoustic version.

Sempurna by Andrea and The Backbone. One of the most beautiful and heart melting indonesian song. (Karaoke version clip, got lyrics. So guys, go take your guitar and learn how to sing this song)

Love Bug by Jonas Brothers. Title says it all !! Get hit by the love bug !

I Will Come To You by Hanson. All time classic song.

Song by Liu Geng Hong. I dont know whats the title of the song (dont know how to read chinese) But this songs is very nice. Those who went to Emerge Singapore 2007, you know why this song lah.

She's The One by Robbie Williams. Another heart melting song.

And last but not least, Superman by Ronan Keating. The lyrics is so nice,meaningful and touching.

Well, here are the songs that i like. Hope you all enjoy it and have a bless Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009