Monday, April 30, 2007

My Celebrity Look-Alike ..CRAP!!

Alright, im sure everyone tried the my celebrity look-alike thingy.And i know some of you turn out looking like some famous people or celebrity. I know its funny,so today i give it try and post one of my pic and this is the result ..

Ok this is funny, I look like a girl. Well im fine with it coz u know its not very accurate lah, at leas i look a bit like Sean Lennon. Hehe!! But aiyoh,funny thing is i look like Elton John and Anuar Zain and Old Larry King ?What is this ? Some more its not 50% or 60%, 70%+ leh!!! So i dont believe it of course, and i tried another picure and lets check out the result ....

~drum roll ...... ~

James Spader ? Who is James Spader ? Well nevermind, at least this time i look like Aki Hakala again (The Rasmus drummer). See, Sean Lennon again! Haha, not bad. Jack Osbourne too! AANNNDD ...Crap !! Elton John again ? And Larry King? This is weird. Ok ok ,im starting to laugh at myself coz i look like Eltoh John. So to comfort myself and try to confirm who i really look like, i tried another pic again. So here's the result......

drum rolllll........

CRAP !! ELTON JOHN !!! This time i look totally like Elton John ? This is funny!! HAHAHA!!With Anuar Zain AGAIN ? And seems like Aki Hakala also appeared 3 times, and Jack osbourne 2 times. But this time cool lah, because i look like Chester Bennington (Linkin Park Vocalist). Alright! Now, I really dont believe that i have the Elton John look, blame my spec, blame my spec!! I think the problem is my spec. So i decided to try again, but this time without my spec. So i took a pic of myself with my here is the result ....

drum rolll .....(for the last time, I pray that i dont look like ELton John)

Alright!! Safe!! No Elton John this time. Haha !!(sorry,just trying to comfort myself and calm myself down) Confirm is my spec that makes me look like Elton John. Fuiyoh, this time have Enrique Iglesias and Andy Lau. Hahaha, funny!! And I look like Takenouchi Yutaka.

So thats it for the Celebrity Look-Alike. Hope u can go try it out and let me know who u look like !!

Ps:-I dont look like Elton John OK!! Blame my SPEC !! My SPEC!!!!

New Haircut

Yeah!! Just cut my hair last few days! Wel actually im trying to grow my hair on the back,but then my hairstylist forgot bout it and cut it slightly shorter. Hm,but thats ok. I think i like it this way too. So what do you think ?

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Will Tan or Vchuan, one of the upcoming top artist. When i first saw this pic, i was like "This is cool !". He is one of the great song writer i know and he is good! When his album come out do go to your nearest store and buy his album, you will like it !

Fast And Prayer!!

This is defintely the funniest part for the Easter service 2007 at City Harvest Church singapore!The drama production is really creative.Respect! Yep, prayer is important. Prayer give us strength. Prayer build the relationship stronger with God. Jesus,do you really know Jesus? I mean, do you REALLY REALLY know who is Jesus? What u heard is just part of it, you have to see and experience him then u will REALLY know him . Fast and Prayer!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Don Ross

Song of the day. Don Ross,one of the best guitarist.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Uncle lagi

During the Singapore trip, I stayed back one more day while the rest of the CHCkl member went back on saturday night to catch sunday service. I stayed at my uncle's house. That night i can sleep soundly because Manchester United won!! YES!! Then at home my aunty and another cousin still awake, and my NIECE still awake too!! YES ..MY NIECE. Uncle again, third person calling me uncle now.

My Niece, Wydia.

Her name quite cool also. ANd she look so CUTE. Haha!! especially her cheek, like roti. My cousin said that im the third person taht make her laugh and smile. Hahaha, don't play play oh. I showed this pic to few of my friends and they said her hair look like mine, Haha!! Like uncle like niece !!

Trip to Singapore

Yes,Im back!!Last friday morning me and other church member went to Singapore for the Benny Hinn Conference. Around 70++ people went together. Went there with 2 bus. And the "Zi Ba Ban"(one million) brother is one the same bus with me.

"Zi Ba Ban" sharing their food !!

Reach Johor, Near Singapore

Katong Hostel, this place is quite nice, nice toilet, no curfew and kopitiam nearby.

My room, with poser Elvis. Can fit around 18 people. Not bad!

Eng Kim, room I 08 leader.

CHCkl member gathering near Singapore Indoor Stadium waiting to go in.

Thousands of people coming in and filling up the seats

The service start and the stadium is pack with people

The Amazing Choir

One of the best conference. Be sure to go there next time!

After second service on day2, we went back to the hostel to take bus back to kl. But i stayed back for anohter day. I came back on sunday around 6.30pm. Took Aeroline coach. Next time if you're thinking of taking bus to singapore, Makue sure you take Aeroline. The best coach in Malaysia and Singapore. Double decker,super nice seat, nice food, fast and on time, friendly cabin crew and driver and super nice lounge on lower deck. 5Star coach.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rev. Dr. Robb Thompson is Back !!

Yes!! Pastor Robb is coming to City Harvest Church again. Pastor Robb Thomspon is one of the top skilled relational and leadership strategist. So if you never attend his conference, do come and learn from this great man of God.

Monday, April 9, 2007


The Turtles is Back!! Went to watch the latest TMNT movie, and this movie really brings back my chilhood memory.Im so excited when i saw all four turtles, just a lil dissapointed, was hoping to hear the original old school ninja turtle theme song. ANd another thing that dissapoint me is the Party Van.i miss the turtle van.The van is so cool with all the gadget and weapon.

So here is the four turtle brother name after the four renaissance artists, Leonardo da vinci, Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo.
So which one is your favourite turtle ?

Leonardo-Katana (blue)

Raphael-Sai Dagger(red)

Donatello-Bo staff(purple)


My favourite turtle is Michaelangelo,He is awesome,Dude!!
What about you ?

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Special Weekend

Next week i will be going to one of the biggest event this year.Special weekend with Rev. Benny Hinn at Singapore Indoor Stadium.If you never been to this event before, i recommend you ll to go least one night, and experience the powerful and amazing miracle signs and wonders happen in front of your eyes. "sure or not ?", YES,Believe it!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hannah Tan

My latest artwork.Took me at least 15+hours to finish it.And i got B-- for this painting. (eh,dont think that B or A is easy to get).Im satisfied with the result and B--,and i expected a B-- too.Next piece im expecting a B- or B.Try to challenge my own capability!!

What do you think ?Hm,hope Hannah Tan can autograph my painting.Hehehe!!